Abstracted Mind

Abstracted Mind is a plaything of Indrajit "Indy" Khare. I've been writing code and prose on the internet since 2001. This page now serves as a jumping point to my littered digital self.

I currently lead engineering for the Google Photos Android app. Previously I was the Mobile Lead at Bump Technologies, which was acquired by Google.

I enjoy writing, taking contemplative strolls, hiking and biking. I think a lot about products: How they are designed; How they are built; How their work is organized.

Check out my portfolio to see my older work. You can contact me by emailing me at ikhare [at] cs.stanford.edu


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Upcoming: Blueprint of a Mobile App
GOTO Berlin 2015
Blueprint of a Mobile App
At daho.am 2015. From designing, to building, to iterating: Things I've learned about building mobile apps.
A Bump App Case Study: Delivering Delight on Android
At Mobile + Web DevCon 2013
Scala on Android: Real-world Experience at Bump Technologies
Co-Speaker with Michael Galpin at Scala Days 2011
Design, Building and Architecture Strategy for Twin Towers: Android & iOS
Panelist at Android Open 2011